“Every CEO/Founder has a box of fears where they throw business issues they are unable to resolve.  I will roll up my sleeves and drive solutions with outside the box creativity.”

– Mark Schumacher, CEO


Operational Efficiency

  • Perform comprehensive operational analysis to uncover areas of opportunity, replicate bright spots, and eliminate frustrations.
  • Increase operational effectiveness and meet organizational mandates by influencing cultures of collaboration and cooperation.
  • Innovate policies / systems that enhance productivity and provide a framework for long-term success.

Social and Environmental Responsibility

  • Perform analysis and implement procedures and policies that help companies make positive impacts to the “triple bottom line” – profit, societal impact, environmental impact


  • Create solutions that help companies break down barriers to tapping into global markets.
  • Develop shared team models offshore resources. Strengthen support by building trust and a culture of excellence among offshore personnel.

Startup Business Scaling

  • Increase growth and the bottom line with sustainable and repeatable solutions

About Fearbox

Mark Schumacher is a financial executive and trusted business leader with over 20 years of experience at Accenture and Ernst & Young (EY).   He is dedicated to providing the collaborative leadership, strategic vision, and financial insights necessary to strengthen financial performance by addressing complex operational challenges and drive business discipline.

Hallmarks of Mark’s approach throughout his professional career include a willingness to roll up his sleeves and attack organizational fearboxes, driving complex business initiatives through completion.  He has dedicated his life personally and professionally to bringing out the best in everyone.  He is capable of delivering solutions that have permanent, long term positive impacts.